Safestop Vehicle Anti-theft System

Pro-gard’s Safestop Vehicle Anti-theft System provides fleets with the necessary protection against theft of the police cruiser without requiring officers to remember additional steps for activating the system. Safestop is designed so it can be turned on and left on for our “Always On Protection.” The simple, natural, everyday motion of removing the key will activate the protection, no buttons to push. In addition, Safestop’s minimal amp draw means fleet managers won’t have to worry about unnecessary power drain/consumption. Because of our 24/7 Always On Protection, vehicles are protected around the clock, even when parked in a pool lot or an officers driveway at night.
Safestop is capable or protecting not only your fleet of cruisers against theft, it can also protect the officer’s weapons and duty gear! With the system activated, our “Gun Lock Secure” feature can prevent the theft of weapons stored in an electronic gun rack. The Gun Lock Secure feature will prevent the gun lock from opening even if the momentary switch is depressed. There is an 8 second delay on this feature from the time the key is removed from the ignition to allow the officer ample time to grab a weapon if necessary. Once the Gun Lock Secure is engaged, an officer can still access the weapon using the gun lock override key.

Likewise, our “Trunk Lock Secure” feature connects to the OEM trunk latch release in much the same manner as the Gun Lock Secure. With Safestop activated, criminals will not be able to access weapons or duty gear stored in the trunk by engaging the vehicle’s OEM trunk latch release. Because of the “Always On Protection” this feature is active even if the vehicle is parked and out of service, for example an officer’s take home vehicle parked outside overnight. Officers are able to override this feature if necessary by utilizing the ignition key as usual in the trunk’s key latch release.

   -Vehicle maintains functionality of all electronic functions including: air-conditioning and heat;          surveillance equipment (cameras, radar, etc); radios; lights; sirens; computers, and more without  leaving the vehicle vulnerable to theft
   -The key is the KEY – once activated, anytime the key is removed from the ignition the anti-theft  protections are engaged
   -Theft protection prevents the vehicle from driving off as well as, activates the “Gun Lock Secure”  and “Trunk Lock Secure” features
   -The Gun Lock Secure feature prevents access to the weapon rack via the momentary switch when  theft protection is activated, there is a built in 8 second delay initially to give officers time to grab a  weapon if necessary
   -The Trunk Lock Secure feature prevents access to trunk contents via the trunk latch release when  theft protection is activated
   -Once the system is activated, the anti-theft functions allow the vehicle to remain running even  after the ignition key is removed; with the ignition key removed, the shifter is locked
   -Anti-theft functions cannot be overridden by switching the toggle switch to off once the system is  activated, system can only be turned off if the ignition key is reinserted
   -Brake Pedal Override option will kill the engine instantly for use with the “Always On Protection”
   -The module connects to the ignition system and offers addition connection for protecting gun  racks and trunk contents
   -Extremely low amp draw means that the system can remain activated 24/7 (Always On Protection)  without worries of battery drain
   -Low profile housing fits neatly and discretely out of sight underneath the dash
Safestop Vehicle Anti-theft System

Features of Pro-gard’s Safestop Anti-theft System
● Always-On Tamper Proof Design
     - Once turned on, systems anti-theft functions allow the vehicle to remain running while
       removing the ignition key. With ignition key removed, the shifter is locked and anti-theft
       functions cannot be overridden by turning off the toggle switch.
     - Once activated, the anti-theft functions can only be deactivated if the key is in the ignition.
● Automatic Function
     - With system on, anti-theft functions are activated via the removal of the ignition key - no
       additional steps or processes to remember.
     - The vehicle maintains functionality of all electrical accessories including: heat, A/C, radio, TV/
       video surveillance equipment, computer, lights, life saving devices, etc.
● Hands Free Activation - Can be wired to automatically activate when the light bar
   or siren is turned on.
● Plug-and-Play Installation - Plug-and-play connectors for easy installations*
● Gun Lock Secure - Eliminates access to weapon racks with an electronic gun
   lock once anti-theft functions are activated. Weapon will remain locked even if the

   momentary switch is pushed.
● Trunk Lock Secure - Eliminates access to trunk via the factory trunk latch once
   anti-theft functions are activated.
● Brake Pedal-Engine Override - Can be wired to instantly kill the engine via the
   brake pedal when anti-theft system is activate