Full Service New Vehicle Design & Builds

We can design a new vehicle for you from a small descrete build to a full on squad or command vehicle.  We handle everything from electrial systems, radios, graphics, custom made command/storage boxes, secondary batteries, bumpers, winches, lighting, etc. 

 If you have an older vehicle or older equipment you want to upgrade or replace we can help you decide on new products to best fit your budget and serivce.  New technology is coming out all the time so bringing new life to older vehicles can keep them in serive for years to come.  
Retro Fits and Equipment Upgrades
If you have a vehicle that needs attention we have emergency service available to get your emergency vehicle back up and put back in service as soon possible. 

Whether it is an accident, equipment failing, or any other reason we can get your emergency vehicle back in service quickly! 

We do offer a 24 hour service for local established customers, depending on the issue we can take care of it 24 hours a day to ensure minimal fleet interuption.  
Emergency Repairs 
 Electrical issues are never anything you want to worry about in an emergency vehicle.  We specialize in diagnosing and repairing excisting electrical systems.  Sometimes it is just bringing an electrical system or componetent up to todays specs and standards.   

We also offer vehicle check engine light diagnosis, with some vehicles we can check ABS, AIR bag, and other warning lights depending on make/model and year of the vehicle.  


Vehicle Electronic Repairs/Diagnosis

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